Relationship between Socioeconomic Status and Academic Achievements


  • Hafiz Abdul Rafah Razzaq UMT
  • Muhammad Faisal Majeed Majeed University of Punjab
  • Muhammad Shoaib Ali Bajwa Bajwa University of Agriculture Faisalabad


Student, Education, Income, Socio-economic status, Demographic


The present study finds out the relationship between socioeconomic status and academic
achievements. The study analyzed individual differences among students, the socio-economic
conditions, and academic achievements at the higher secondary level. It carried out in
Jaranwala, a tehsil of district Faisalabad, Punjab. Data were collected through questionnaire
and analyzed by using SPSS Version-21. Statistics such as frequency, percentage, mean,
standard deviation, and rank order were utilized for data analysis and interpretation. To
determine an order of importance, we multiplied the score value assigned to each category of
the scale by the number of times that category appeared in the data. The averages were
determined by dividing the total by the total number of measurements taken. After that, the
average values of each factor were considered as they were ranked. As an outcome of the
indirect caciques, it was shown that children’s Academic Achievements were significantly
impacted by their socioeconomic status. The study came to conclusion that occupations, income,
social status residential area and other indicators of socioeconomic status of a household
influenced the academic achievements of students.