• UCP Journal of Business Perspective
    Vol. 1 No. 1 (2023)

    In a rapidly changing globalized world, marked by evolving competing and collaborative economic frontiers, and intricate organizational models, a holistic understanding of key driving forces is critical to shaping theories and practice for the future. Through its research articles, the inaugural edition of the UCP Journal of Business Perspectives (UCP-JBP) seeks to provide readers with a panoramic view of various domains, shedding light on local and global landscapes. Each article's substantive conceptual, theoretical, methodological, or applied perspective advances our understanding of management knowledge, covering many organizational factors. To sum up, the first issue of UCP-JBP makes a robust attempt to open new avenues for academic scholars and policy-makers through multifaceted ideas covering economics, workplace behaviors, education, and banking. The readers are encouraged to build on themes in contemporary management knowledge to create and share inclusive research ideas for the future.