Exploring how Facebook usage affects the interpersonal connections of adolescents with their parents


  • Dr. Hilal Fatima
  • Syeda Urwa Bukhari


Adolescents, Facebook, Interpersonal relations, parents, Social Networking Sites


In the current digital era, the escalating use of Social Networking Sites, particularly Facebook, among adolescents has become a prominent factor influencing their interpersonal relations with parents. This research employs a quantitative approach to investigate the effects of Facebook usage on the relationships between adolescents and their parents. The quantitative aspect utilizes a survey method, collecting data through a questionnaire administered to 400 adolescents. The study draws on the theoretical framework of Technological Determinism theory, as it robustly supports the exploration of these dynamics. By employing a quantitative approach, the research aims to address gaps and limitations present in previous studies. The collected data are analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences program (SPSS).

The findings reveal that adolescents, engrossed in frequent Facebook usage, perceive a reduced necessity to engage with their parents. Instead, they tend to form stronger bonds with online friends, diminishing their connection with parents. The excessive use of Facebook emerges as a significant factor weakening the parent-adolescent relationship. Adolescents acknowledge the adverse impact of their extensive Facebook use on interpersonal relations with their parents.