Effects of Watching Pakistani TV Dramas On Perceived Portrayal of Family Relationships Among University Students


  • Saba Sultana University of Narowal
  • Aaima Batool
  • Amina


Television, Pakistani Dramas, Family relationship, university students


Media plays an important role in promoting ideas and transforming society. Media scholars believe that new world culture is appearing through Television. The aim of this study to explore how university students perceive the portrayal of family relationships in the Pakistani TV Dramas (Geo entertainment, ARY Digital, Hum TV or other channels) and they perceived portrayal of family relations negative and how much they are affected. A sample of 200 respondents was chosen for this cross sectional research through purposive sampling technique. Findings of the study reveal that there is a moderate relationship between perceived status of family relationship and their effects on students. Moreover, gender has a significant relationship with family system. The study concludes that there are significant changes taking place in portrayal of family relationship and Pakistani TV dramas promote negative family relationship and family crisis.