Impacts Impacts of YouTube Tutorials on Students Education (2)

Impacts of YouTube Tutorials on Students Education (2)


  • Ghulam Hussain Superior University


YouTube, Students, Tutorial, Educational Impact, Concepts


This study shows how YouTube video tutorials helps in education of universities students. We collect data from undergraduate students who belongs to different departments of 6 universities in Lahore, Pakistan Public, Private & Distance Learning Education Institutions. The sample size consisted of 384 respondents from each category using disproportionate stratified sampling technique of undergraduate students. The effectiveness of YouTube tutorial watchers of undergraduate students of different universities who belongs to different departments was measured using a 13-item questionnaire. The quantitative phase involves a survey administered to a representative sample of university students, utilizing an Agree/Disagree/Neutral scale to assess various dimensions of YouTube's impact. YouTube plays a crucial role in enhancing the educational experience for university students, providing supplementary resources that contribute to a deeper understanding of complex concepts.