Micromobility in Pakistan


  • Muhammad Awais Shafique University of Central Punjab


Bicycle, E-Scooter, Micromobility, Pakistan


Micromobility is actively being adopted in many cities around the globe. The various personal travel options included in micromobility can contribute to lower congestion, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and improvement in the general well-being of its users. However, travel options falling under micromobility are not very common in Pakistan. This paper explores the several challenges in way of providing a supportive micromobility ecosystem in Pakistan and discusses the steps to be taken for its adoption. It examines the current infrastructure, cultural norms, and government policies present in the country and identifies gaps and areas of improvements for successful integration of micromobility. The introduction of micromobility in Pakistan presents a significant opportunity to promote sustainable and equitable transportation in the country. With the right interventions and policy solutions, Pakistan can create a transportation system that is accessible, safe, and efficient for all its citizens, and pave the way for a more sustainable future.