Impacts of Romantic Dramas on Youth of Lahore


  • Ghulam Hussain Superior University


Romantic Television Drama, Effectiveness, Romance, Youth, Moral Values, Family Values


This paper examines the Impacts of Pakistani Romantic Television Dramas on Youth of Lahore, Pakistan, including students, housewives, and journalists. The sample size of 385 drama watchers was chosen using the disproportionate stratified sampling technique, with 192 respondents from both category. The 14-item was used to detect the level of effectiveness of Pakistani Romantic Television Dramas on Youth of Lahore. The inventory includes statements with Agree/Disagree/Neutral responses. Romance is prevalent in prime time dramas on Pakistan’s state and private television stations. Findings revealed that the 15–29-year-old group. Many dramas on television shows the real culture of Pakistan, but some dramas destroy our family and moral values of Youth.