Role of Media in Empowerment of Transgenders in Pakistan


  • Maryam Zakria
  • Mustabshera Quddus Lahore Leads University, Lahore
  • Dr. Hilal Fatima


Transgender Community Systemic Discernment, Media Role, Transgender Empowerment


The media serves as a platform for the transgender community to promote their rights, draw attention to issues they face, and shed light on their hardships. Through news reports, documentaries, and interviews, the media can influence the public's perception by dispelling the myths and stereotypes that have long rendered transgender individuals powerless. The media can also promote social change by positively portraying and highlighting transgender persons. By making their achievements, skills, and stories public and encouraging more acceptance and inclusion, the media helps to subvert traditional conventions and prejudices. Understanding the media role in shaping public perceptions of transgender individuals and their empowerment is crucial for advancing social justice and promoting equal rights. This research can also help inform interventions aimed at reducing stigma and discrimination against transgender individuals and improving their access to education, healthcare, and employment.