Freedom and Growth of Media in Pakistan: An Analysis (2008-2013)


  • Zarmeena Iqbal


freedom, growth, media, democratic regime, journalists, media channels, media-government relations


This research study depicts the development and opportunity of growth for media during the majority rule system of Pakistan People Party. The length of the examination was from 2008 to 2013. The study’s goals were to investigate how journalists were treated by police and other law enforcement agencies, the state of media freedom, and the growth of the media over the specified time frame. Research questions in view of these goals were to investigate the degree to which media thrived, circumstance of the media opportunity, treatment of the columnists by state and other policing during the chose time span (2008-2013). collecting, analysing, and interpreting the data required by the study using the secondary analysis (descriptive analysis) as the research method. The study found that President General Musharraf's authoritarian government granted media access. However, when General Musharaf declared an emergency in November 2007, media freedom was restricted. Licenses were revoked and many channels were suspended. Then PPP government eliminated the boycott and gave most extreme opportunity to media even to those channels which condemned the public authority.