University of Central Punjab, a national & international recognized university, is comprised of a dynamic community of faculty members, researchers, students, and scholars, who are devoted to serving the nation through education and research. In pursuit of making the University of Central Punjab (UCP) as a reputed publisher of peer-reviewed international journals for scholarly work, it is imperative to develop an effective infrastructure for publishing of journals as per HEC and international standards. By regular publishing the volumes/issues of journals in variety of fields, the advanced and high quality scholarly work pave the way in the resolvement of complex industrial and societal problems.


  • UCP Journal of Business Perspectives

    UCP-JBP publishes quality research ideas in the domain of management sciences. The journal welcomes conceptual and empirical papers supporting novel perspectives, contextualized knowledge, and futuristic business models. The journal contributes to the larger horizons of the development of research culture locally and globally by acknowledging noteworthy work from academic scholars, practitioners, and emerging researchers.

    ISSN: 3005-897X (Online), 3005-8961(Print)

  • UCP Journal of Law & Legal Education

    UCP Journal of Law and Legal Education (UCP-JLLE) is a peer-reviewed, bi-annual, and open-access journal, published by the Faculty of Law (FoL), University of Central Punjab (UCP). The journal aims to publish research articles in the domains of legal academics, research comparisons of various laws and their application with that of Pakistan laws. The editorial and advisory boards of the journal are comprised of notable law academics, scholars, judges and members of Bar Councils from Pakistan and around the World.

    ISSN Numbers: 2958-065X (Print), 2959-8710 (Online)

  • UCP Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences (HEC Recognized-Y Category)

    UCP Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences is HEC recongnized (Y-Category) research journal published by the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, University of Central Punjab (UCP). It is multidisciplinary research journal covers Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Governance and Public Policy and Philosophy. The Journal serves as a nexus between academia, researchers, and policymakers, with a focus on promoting scholarly work with practical application to societal challenges. 

    ISSN numbers:  2958-6895 (Online), 2958-6887 (Print)

  • UCP Journal of Science & Technology

    UCP Journal of Science and Technology (UCP-JST) is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, and open-access journal published by the Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Central Punjab (UCP), devoted to publishing research in the field of Science and Technology. Emphasizing original intellectual work with scholarly insight, the UCP Journal of Sciences and Technology aims to publish high-quality articles in the fields of biological, physical, natural, and life sciences.

    ISSN Numbers: 3005-5571 (Online), 3005-5563 (Print)

  • UCP Journal of Languages & Literature

    UCP Journal of Languages and Literature is a peer-reviewed research journal published by the Faculty of Languages and Literature, University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore, Pakistan. It is published bi-annually and aims at investigating and bringing forth innovative research-based concepts and practices at national and international levels, and promotes scholarly research in the domains of Language, Literature, and Linguistics. 

    ISSN Numbers: 3005-6594 (Online), 3005-6586 (Print)

  • UCP Journal of Mass Communication

    UCP Journal of Mass Communication (UCPJMC) is multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal in the field of Mass Communication, Journalism, and Media Contents. The journal is published bi-annually by the Faculty of Media and Mass Communication, University of Central Punjab (UCP), Lahore, Pakistan. The main aim of the journal is to publish the research articles, which are derived from advanced and quality scholarly work in the in the field of mass communication to promote scholarly debate and dialogue. This Journal encourages research that contributes to the advancement of mass communication as an interdisciplinary field. The journal strictly follows the policy of initial editorial screening and peer-reviewing process at the second step to ensure quality. This journal welcomes submissions from research scholars all across the world.

    ISSN Numbers: 2959-8532 (Online), 29598524 (Print)

  • UCP Journal of Engineering & Information Technology

    UCP Journal of Engineering and Information Technology (UCP-JEIT) is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open-access journal jointly published by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Information Technology & Computer Sciences. The journal is devoted to publishing research in Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Sciences.

    ISSN: 3005-8015 (Online), 3005-8007 (Print)